In order to promote the development of the region, promotion of new project ideas, search for existing project initiatives and elaboration of the ideas into project applications are also important duties. The most important regional project initiatives are the following:

Lake Balaton Partnership Programme
Focusing on managing complex regional problems, the thematic event series enhance regional cooperation and promote the exchange of knowledge and expertise of regional actors in the Lake Balaton area.

“Let’s Move your body!”
The amateur sport programme series, launched in 2004, offer guided sporting opportunities at 36 beaches of 33 settlements around the Lake Balaton. The sport programmes are organized mostly at weekends (except on rainy days), but the sport equipments can be freely used at other time as well. The following sports are included in the programme: beach volleyball, beach soccer, streetball, badminton, tennis, table tennis, football tennis, water polo, korfball, etc.).

Cultural Lake of Europe
The aim of the project is develop the region into a recognized cultural destination in Europe, which provides exceptional cultural experience for both domestic and foreign visitors and local residents all-year round.

Interactive Play Areas
In the framework of the project a playhouse network has been established in the Lake Balaton region with the aim of extending the tourism supply by improving conditions for family holidays and introducing a new supply item for children.

Lake Balaton Blue Wave Flag
The aim of the certification system, developed by the Lake Balaton Association based on the criteria of the international blue flag label, is to ensure appropriate infrastructural and hygienic conditions at beaches and ports and pay special attention to safety requirements (water rescue and first aid).
Lake Balaton Label
Lake Balaton Label is a quality management system of various tourism services in the Lake Balaton area. The overall goal is to elaborate a unified, Lake Balaton label group, which contains the most important quality and service requirements based on common principles, but determined specifically to certain products and services.

Lake Balaton Cycling Programme
The overall goal of the programme is to develop cycling tourism, and promote and expand cycling tourism services in the area. The Lake Balaton Bicycle Tourism Development Strategy is the main outcome of the programme, which has been elaborated with the involvement of competent experts and regional actors.

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