Balaton Régiófejlesztési Programok



The development of the region is based on comprehensive regional development programmes, which are in line with the EU programming periods. Pursuant to the Act on regional development, the elaboration of regional development documents is considered as a basic task of the Council. In this respect, the Council has reviewed the results of the previous programming period, determined the development objectives of the Lake Balaton region for the upcoming years, and elaborated the regional development documents, including:

  • Background Analysis;
  • Regional Development Concept (-2030);
  • Regional Development Programme (Strategy and Operational Programme) (-2020);
  • Elaborated project ideas – pursuant to key development objectives and priorities;
  • Integrated Regional Development Programme of Lake Balaton – revised version of the development programme in accordance to the sectoral operational programmes.

You can find further information about the present development strategy and development concept under the menu “Current development documents”. In case you are interested in developments strategies and concepts of previous periods, please visit the menu “Previous development documents”.

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